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Simply put: our purpose is to increase your sales. We work with client organizations to develop meaningful promotions that align to their purpose and sales activities. We work with various media channels - those right for you - to reach targeted stakeholders. We do more than digital marketing.


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Our Services

Digital Displays 

Antix digital displays are ideal for indoor/outdoor Ads. We support full customizable single and multi-segment display formats fed by up to six content channels. Mix you internal content with Ads to build a unique messaging experience.


Make money by placing ads on your website! Start simply with Public Access, or restrict who can reach your websites and display boards. You're in full control with the Antix's Content manager. Don't like the content, change the Ad channel!

Store Signage

Antix digital signage is controlled remotely from our publishing tool. Make instant updates to support sales or interact with customer. Dynamic content makes your signage active and engaging while promoting your many products and services.

Sponsor Boards

Message boards support internal messaging within your organization. Antix integrates messaging across your website(s) and digital displays all from our central publishing tool. It's easy to communicate with your stakeholders.